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"The skills I learned and the real situations that Zahra helped me practice them in, helped me in normal conversations. It made more sense to practice with real people in real places rather than in a room by ourselves."-XX 2011

"We have been so pleased with the progress my father has made while working with Zahra.  We have seen him improve in his comprehension and speech dramatically, and he is able to communicate much better with us. He enjoyed his sessions and looked forward to them each week. It has helped to improve his overall morale as well as increased his confidence in moving forward and working towards full recovery. Thank you so much Zahra , we are grateful for all your help."- XX & YY, 2013


"After Zahra worked with our international students, I saw incredible improvement in their everyday speech and group presentation skills, but what impressed me the most was their increased level of confidence and personal development.

She was professional in every aspect providing prompt, reliable treatment."-XX (SAIT) 2015


"Speech Therapy from Zahra was very effective and I can see the improvement in just a couple of months. I'm now very confident in speaking at work, meetings and presentations. This has added a lot of value to my career."- XX, 2016


"Speakability has a very dedicated and knowledgable instructor.  Zahra demonstrated strong work ethics and professionalism. My voice projection skills improved significantly due to her systematic training methods.", -XX, 2018


Zahra ran Accent and Language classes for our program from 2005-2019.  Our adult students were engaged, enjoyed learning, and improved their accents and language skills every year.  We were grateful to have her back every year. -XX-Calgary Catholic Immigration Services, 2019


My husband had a massive stroke about a year ago. He lost all function of his right side and the ability to speak. He was participating in various therapies for about 7 months post stroke. His movement improved greatly but he struggled with communication. I found Zahra through the internet. She started working with him virtually. After only a few weeks, I noticed a huge improvement. He’s now able to form small sentences and get his point across without playing 20 questions. Zahra is a miracle worker!"-XX, 2022 (virtual client)

Stuttering and dysfluency has caused a lot of anxiety for me and was impacting my job as a healthcare professional. Zahra was kind, supportive and provided me with practical strategies to improve my symptoms. In only a few sessions, I've started to notice improvements. I am starting to feel more confident, and plan to continue to work with Zahra to further improve my speech and communication skills. I feel like this therapy will be valuable in both my professional and personal life. - XX, 2022 (virtual client)


In only a few sessions, Zahra helped my mother build her self-cofidence and taught her methods to find her words after her stroke.  Zahra is very professional, friendly, and supportive. - XX, 2022 (virtual client)

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